PPM Star Catalog

The PPM can be considered a replacement of two preceding catalogs: AGK3 and the SAO Catalog. The PPM Star Catalog effectively replaced these catalogs by providing more precise astrometric data for more stars on the J2000/FK5 coordinate system.

The PPM Star Catalog (Roeser, S., Bastian, U., 1991, Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, Heidelberg, Vols. I and II, printed by Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, Heidelberg) provides a convenient, dense and accurate net of 378,910 astrometric reference stars. The net is designed to represent as closely as possible the IAU (1976) cooordinate system on the sky, as defined by the FK5 star catalog (Frick et al., 1988). Thus, the PPM is an extension of the FK5 system to higher star densities and fainter magnitudes.

While the SAO catalog is more or less complete to V=9, with 4,503 stars fainter than V=10, the PPM catalog is fairly complete to V=9.5, with 102,672 stars fainter than V=10 and 22,395 stars fainter than V=11.

NASA’s HEASARC PPM Star Catalog combines the two catalogs for PPM North and PPM South, the Bright Stars Supplement to PPM, and the 90,000 Stars Supplement to the PPM. A number of bright stars are missing from the PPM and PPM South Star Catalogs. The Bright Stars Supplement included in this catalog makes the PPM catalogs complete down to V=7.5 mag. For this purpose it adds all missing stars brighter than V=7.6 mag that could be found in published star lists. Their total number is 321. Only 5 of them are brighter than V=3.5
Stars constituting the 90,000 Stars Supplement can be identified from their PPM Number having a value between 700001 and 789676.

PPM Catalog doesn’t have the star common name I needed for my PPM Processor so I created a matching table myself since I couldn’t find anything similar on the Web. Following this next link you’ll find a table matching the PPM Catalog ID and Common Star Name.

If you are interested in the PPM Catalog you’ll surely like my PPM Processor project.

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